they said i was “pure genius.”

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The following is a review of Neighborhood Kid, stolen from I wont front…I thought it was kinda good…

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sweet tianna biscuit.

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sweet tea anna biscuit

For most people, the noon hour signifies a joyous deliverance from the days  jack-hammering  vapidity. From the kids in school, to the energetically barren droves of adults in the workforce…even the homeless man down the street cant wait til the sundial on his refrigerator box says “Hey, homeless nigga! Its noon o’clock!“  The sun is out, birds be sangin’ …and you can leave whatever monotonous activity you were previously engaged in to go get some happy food. But not me. Nope. No happy food for Lil Neighborhood P.  My lunch break is a perpetual sixty minutes of suck. Easily, it could be the opposite. All I ask is for  sweet tea and a biscuit. But all this town offers me is organic tree scrotum and tortilla plates.  So, instead of lunch today, I decided to write a poem. Dedicated to my lost lover. Because you truly never know what you got til its gone. This ones for you,  Sweet Tianna Biscuit
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a video. a story.

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Having a blog is a lot like having a kid. If you dont feed it, its little baby body starts looking weak, and its little baby mouth starts saying stuff like, “Son! When I’ma get some food up in my lil baby belly?” But then I be like, “Shut the freak up, baby! I aint got no food! Im hungry too lil baby nigga!” Point is….I know I havent posted anything in a while, Ive been busy….please dont call child protective services on me. Here’s some food lil baby.

Shot by Trevor Traynor. Edited by Rob Rush. Produced by DJ MF Shalem. Awesomed by me.

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Haji P – Neighborhood Kid

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Oh snap! Well, would’ya lookie here…I done put out an album! What? Whats that you say? Is it good? Well, I dont know. Do you enjoy music thats dynamically incredible, just as much as it is freakin’ outstanding? Well, if you do…then I gotta say, in all humility…this album is pretty great. I cant take all the credit tho, I just made up the words. DJ MF Shalem allowed the production. But, dont take my word for it. There it is…right there…go’on and get you some.

Price: $10.00

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the fold x haji p “barn kid”

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Barn Kid Tee

In reverence of my previous environs, the extremely kind folks at The Fold Clothing remixed my “Home” logo and affixed it to an all american made, cut and sew t-shirt. Thats some classy ish. Designed by  graphic artist/ music & film producer D1, this coveted piece of cool people clothing celebrates some good ol’ southern, backwoods, countryfied, greens ‘n grits goodness. Yeah, you like that. Dont you? I hope you do. If not, what do you know about gear anyway? You probly still wear Fubu jereseys and Jnco pants. Loser.

Anyway, the shirts will be available soon, BUT, only in an extremely limited run…and by that, I mean 10 ( #Willywonkash*t). Stay tuned to  the site to figure out how and when you can cop one’uh deez…

here’s a hint…you’ll probly have to get the album.

was that racist?

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confused black woman

First of all, allow me to extend my apologies. With the coming of my new album, I realize the greater portion of my posts have been rap-related.  New song this, download that… I assumed as a reader, you would also be interested in the awesome music I make. I shouldve considered your feelings. Instead,  I was entirely too preoccupied with reminding you that , NEIGHBORHOOD KID COMES OUT FEB 23RD!  PLEASE BUY IT AND VALIDATE MY TALENT AS A MUSICAL ARTIST…ahem…anyhow, Im sorry.

With that said, I’ve decided to introduce a new segment to this site. I know, in many occurrences, I’m more often than not, readily eager to point out the bigotry in people.  Mostly white people. Its kinda like playing “I Spy.” And, I totally understand, there’s a “you people” in office now, and we’re a post-racial society…but,  for whatever  inexplicable reason, I just always feel like every white person still got a little Rosewood in’em.  Except for John Mayer. John Mayer is tight! But, let it not be said that Haji P is so ig’nant that he cant give people the benefit of the doubt. That’s where you come in. From now on, when I think somebody is trying to tell me “these is whites only pies,”  I’m just gonna smile, write it down and let you decide…was that racist?

for example…

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hoodie season.

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hoodie season

Meanwhile, back in the Port City….Louis T. continually finds reasons to capture the magical essence of  pelvic art. This time, through the guise of  his newest collection of rap songs. If youre unfamiliar with Louis T, then youve clearly never participated in a hip hop event in North Carolina. He owns North Cack. Well, not anymore…he owns County Lines. The clothing counterpart to his hip hop promotions. Son does work.  Like, for real…he still even has a regular a** job…just like you! Anyway, peep his newest FreEP (get it? a free EP!? Tight). Which, again, celebrates the talent of North Carolinian artists. This time, within a mid 90′s, winter clothing themed collection of songs…all of which are layed over Wu-Tang-esque production. Son puts on for his city. And you can too by copping any of his his revered North Cack/ County Lines Hoodies.

download HOODIE SEASON here

Artists include, Big Hop, Addictive Nature, Lo-Cal, Saul Good and PC’s newest hardcomer….Kotix. If that  aint fly enough for your pretty little pink panties,  the Ports originators Fuzz Jaxx and DJ Battle have teamed up as the new “Action Inc.” to do a little rappity rap, also featuring Mindsone. You should peep that….matter fact, here you go…

Back to Basics Ft. MindsOne w DJ Noumenon


…youre welcome.

*Fun Fact: I was supposed to be on this album, but I slept on getting my track recorded in time. I tend to do that a lot. Hence the name “Pajamas.”

wont you be…my neighbor?

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neighborhood kid

Well, here we are…a mere twenty days from the release of the album; pending the date you actually read this. In which case, its up to you to do the math, and we’re a mere_____ day(s) from the release of the album. In any event, I can only imagine you’re waiting with bated breath, and the anticipation is a real dickwad.  Thats how I feel too. But what exactly are you waiting for? Just another rap album?  Just another combination of beats intermingled with some cute lil’ wordy words? Absolutely!  This, similar to most rap albums, is just an imposition of the authors presumed life relevancy, masked behind a series of jovial rhythms and a mildly decent application of a number of literary devices.  However, and I quote, *ahem* “This sh*t right here, nigga! This sh*t right here…” This sh*t right here is faaaantastic!

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home repair


download here

“Oooooh snap! Only a month and two days before Neighborhood Kid is released, and Haji P is still dropping jams!?

Pffft, yup! Gon’head and add this to your collection of songs I didnt know what to do with. Also, be advised, all the songs I’ve previously released under the title, Home Repair, WILL NOT BE ON NEIGHBORHOOD KID! *ahem* WILL NOT BE ON NEIGHBORHOOD KID!

…and now, I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition of Home Repair…”Bruh’man!”

ghosts with the mosts…

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inky and blinky....or clyde?

So, one early Saturday afternoon, following the night of an astoundingly phenomenal performance at The Elbo Room in San Francisco, we (Rec League & company) went to breakfast. We had biscuits, chicken, eggs and grits. It was great. Then we had a pie, and that was great too! But, it didnt reach its full potential of greatativity until fellow Rec League  member, Proe, hotfootedly suggested getting pacman ghost tattoo’s and going to the strip club. “Hmmm,” I thought!?  “Inky, Blinky and titties! That would make this breakfast taste awesome! Lets do it!” Initally, it was supposed to be Proe, Ricky, Hanny, and me…but Ricky and Hanny decided to slick back their greaser hair, jump in the muscle car and go straight to the strip jam. Eh, me and Proe were on some BFF biz!

peep it…
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