brown co p mix

Brown Co. – The Haji P Mix (2002)

Mixtape? Album? Pfft, I dont really know what this was…aside from being the pioneer to a bountiful land of majestic Haji P jams!  Most of the production was done by local beat deliveryboy, Joey Etc (Who’s also featured on a couple tracks as well), and mixed by Wilmington NC’s favorite everything, DJ Battle.

Fun Fact: This album also contains original production from No ID and Large Professor…but I dont think they know that. Ssssh!


Haji P & Stranger Day - Not Felt (2007)

“Word? Your girlfriend lives nextdoor to my girlfriend?  You rap? Thats crazy!” Yup…thats pretty much how it happened . Subsequently, we met up daily to record music until we came up with this sweet little ditty.  ”Not Felt?” Get it? Like, Slug and Murs…but not! Pretty clever, huh?  We took the cover photo after an eight day fiesta-fest of rap shows in Puerto Rico. We purposely didnt shower or shave after the sixth, just so we could look as haggard as possible for the photo shoot. And thats the truth…Ruth.  Production from: DJ Battle, Applejuice Kid, etc… *available on itunes.

Fun Fact: Neither one of us are currently dating the girls responsible for our assembly!


Brown Co. – Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2007)

To say this album was met with critical acclaim would be like saying  Godzilla only ”slighlty disrupted”  Tokyo.  Beautiful Day was said by several publications to be “the guiding light to the return of a  fun rap era.”  But, all of that sillyness aside, this was the most enjoyably taxing LP to make. Fully produced by Rezo & DJ MF Shalem. Dundee (my longtime rhyme partner & all-around aceman) and I flew out to Cali to be locked in a studio for a period of three days to complete it. We saw no light, no fun, no girls. Just studio! *available on itunes.

Fun Fact: The day of  our return flight to NC, Rezo prepared a splendiforous breakfast of eggs, french toast, and various breakfast meats.  But, even more amazing than that, it was then that we were introduced to yellow watermelon. It was delicious!


Haji P. – Monkey Junk (2008)

Officially my first solo release, this album was put together solely through the miracle of the interwebs. I worked with producers Fatman & Tropical, from Manchester, United Kingdom.  The album is a twelve track, audio-bouquet of accidentally dope rap roses. What does that mean? Well, I sent them a collection of patchy accapellas, they chopped up the songs and designed a beat around the outcome, then polished off the songs with a fairly raw mixing job.  Even the cover art was a cross-worlds collaborative, being designed by the UKs premier artist, Yohandz and Paris France’s Diamond P. It was like a whole bunch of junk thrown together.  Hence the albums title. But, even with all of that, it still managed to land me a distribution deal with Domination Records. Bing! *available on itunes

Fun Fact: I’ve never physically met anybody who had anything to do with the production of this album, and have only held correspondence through Emails. Its all good though, me and FM&T are kinda like best friends now, and will be teaming up for another project called “Wooden Boy.”


Brown Co. – Unreleased & Remixed (2009)

..its unreleased and remixed music…duh! *available on itunes.

Fun Fact: This is not the original cover. The original art for this album is wack, so I used this…which was actually to be the cover art for  Beautiful Day


Rec League  Allstars- Season 2 (2009)

I moved to California and started rapping with these clowns called, the Rec League.  And its not so much that they rapped better than most people you know, but…its almost like, they had lives better than most people you know. So, collectively, they put together an abundance of  “Yes, Im better than you,” and heavily spread it  in between an audible sandwich of bangin’ beats, and superhero-esque rap display. This time, letting a black guy join in. That black guy…yep, me! Thus, making the album that much better. I think. The album also features allstars, Rob Rush, Richie Cunning, Proe, Q’m, Grip Grand, No Wonder, Bob Clean, etc… Rec League- way better than you.

Fun Fact: Team deep…aint nobody deep as the team!

Neighborhood Kid

Haji P. – Neighborhood Kid (2010)

This album was intended to be the follow up LP to Brown Co.’s Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It was my debut as the “solo artist from the group,” hence the the title, “Neighborhood Kid.” Get it? Neighborhood kid…kid from the neighborhood…Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!? Yeeeeah, you get it! That sh*t is genius! Still fully produced by DJ MF Shalem, NK is essentially a Brer Rabbit-esque story, narrated by an Uncle Remus-esque voice.  Being that I wrote most of this album in ’07 (during my transition from North Carolina to California) it reflects a lot more southern-isms, moreso than a west coast feel.  Sorry, I’m is who I’m is bawss!

Fun Fact: After listening to this album….and then going back to listen to the Brown Co. album, I immediately thought, “Dang, I’m surprised I have any white friends at all!”

nah, son. no shows today.