ph1 hiphop honors

Posted by hajipaji


Good evening suckahs, hoes, biters, writers, rappers and dancers. Oh, and you too. Welcome  to another PH1 Hip Hop Honors . Actually, there’s yet to be a premier episode, so this would be the first. Either way, you’re still welcome.

Tonights honorees have demonstrated excellence in their craft, and provided the music of our culture with songs that’ll span the length of time…and possibly a few days after that. In fact, to even call what they’ve done “songs” is to depreciate the value in what they’ve bestowed upon us. These artist have given us audible heirlooms, cloaked in golden sheets of sonically woven wonder.  Whatever that means. Anyway, we’ve (I’ve) selected artists from three different categories, and one who was chosen best overall.  Tonights honoree’s are:

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