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home repair


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“Oooooh snap! Only a month and two days before Neighborhood Kid is released, and Haji P is still dropping jams!?

Pffft, yup! Gon’head and add this to your collection of songs I didnt know what to do with. Also, be advised, all the songs I’ve previously released under the title, Home Repair, WILL NOT BE ON NEIGHBORHOOD KID! *ahem* WILL NOT BE ON NEIGHBORHOOD KID!

…and now, I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition of Home Repair…”Bruh’man!”

mouth fulla gold

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haji p- mouth fulla gold

Haji P – Mouth Fulla Gold

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You know how some rappers just be writin’ raps? Y’know…just chilling in the room, lab, or whatever respective confines of their choosing for conjuring enlightened lyrical stimulation? Well, this song was an exercise in that. Me, just writin’ some raps. Only, instead of all that enlightenment bull crap, I decided to go with some witty lines and hearty spoon full of good ol’ fashion ig’nance. The end result was a song, an ode to southern rap (if you will), that people who frequent my live showings tend to enjoy. Produced by DJ MF Shalem, I present to you, the newest addition to Home Repair, “Mouth Fulla Gold.” Bling!


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You may recognize this weeks installment of Home Repair as the opening sequence to the widely unpopular web series, “So Freakin Regular.”  A series in which, similar to the song itself, is a painfully mundane walk through a plain grass field of normalcy.  *Yawn*. Generic? Ordinary? Common? Yup. I was blessed with the coveted fortune to be all of the above. Who’s got time to be socially relevant, and worldly idolized when there’s bills to pay and dogs to walk? Not me. This dinner aint gon microwave itself. So, with that, I present to you my newest release, “Regular.” Produced and cut by DJ MF Shalem. And if you cant get down with it…you’re just way too special for me. Which I think is awesome. You should go get yourself a pedicure, tough guy!

get it.

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Get It- Home Repair

Get It

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I know, I know, I was supposed to have this available on Monday. Well, dont be such a jerk…geez. Sometimes people make mistakes. But honestly,  arent you so much more elated that I’ve appropriately equipped your insatiable appetite for song before the weekend? Of course you are! Now, when youre the grinder or grindee of some random tail at the club, you’ll think of me. And after all, thats the real reason I make music.

This weeks installment of Home Repair is an energetic tune that’s sure to get your toes-a-tappin. I mean, for real son…titties are coming out the shirt when you play this jammy. “Get It“, produced by DJ MF Shalem.

*titties are not guaranteed to come out of any shirts when you play this song.

people’s court

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People’s Court

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Here it is, for your audible consumption…the first installment of a project I call, “Home Repair,” the worlds first do-it-yourself Haji P. album. An album in which you, the highly motivated and self sufficient listener, will be given all the tools necessary to comprise your own compilation of  my crooning. Until the release date of my full length LP, Neighborhood Kid, every other Monday  I will provide a new, exclusive, and/or previously unreleased song. If you build your home properly, you’ll have two discs worth of fun-filled lyrical adventure. However, if you fail to properly construct your home…you lose. Dont be a loser.

People’s Court, produced by DJ MF Shalem. Its a rap about rap…and youre gonna love it.

good grief.

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Good Grief

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Well, here it is boys and girls…the pioneering ditty from an album thats been years in the making. I’ll spare you the unnecessarily tiresome write-up, and allow you time to enjoy the song. Rest assured, there will be a lengthy and self-glorifying exposition soon to follow. But for now, just immerse yourself in the rhythmically euphoric sounds of my voice. “Good Grief” Produced by DJ MF Shalem. The song is yours now. Enjoy.

…and thank you.

the fresh prints

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fresh prints pic2

Fun Fact: I actually wrote this on the plane, whilst seated betwixt a portly pair of women, during my move to California. You may be asking yourself, ” Haji P., wasnt that well over a year ago?”  Well, Im glad you asked that question. The answer is as simple as this…yes.  Unfortunately thats how rap works sometimes. It can be a real boner killer, I know.  Ive  been told that within recent times, another rapper may have also released a song similar. I make no claims to having any knowledge of that. Though Im sure it was amazing.  Anyhow,  this track will be featured on the upcoming Rec League compilation, “Season 2″ 

 Hear it here first!  But, only if you promise to cop Season 2.  You promise? Okay. Cool!

The Fresh Prints


*DJ MF Shalem on the cuts & crayola.