writing trousers.

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Whatever it is I’m doing in rap, I know this for a fact…I’m doing it in the wrong place. I mean, dont get me wrong, America’s great when it comes to things like: best dance crews, funniest home videos, and dating white women to piss their dads off; but I’m really starting to get the impression that our appreciation for music is a bit sub-par…or, as my chaps across the pond say, ” Two pips beneath the cricket. Ya lyke degs?

I dont know if they really say that.

The guy in the video above is Professor Elemental. I received an email from him a couple of weeks ago in which he had this to say…

I heard your neighbourhood kid album last year and was truly blown away…as far as I’m concerned that was the perfect hip hop album.”

Yeah, I thought he may have been listening to a totally different album too. Turns out…we’re both wrong.  Anyhow, he’s from Manchester, UK. For those of you keeping track of my rappology career…this is nye the first of time I’ve gotten attention from the United Kingdom. First there was “Monkey Junk.”- an EP I put together with euro-superproducers, Fatman & Tropical. Then, there were the duets with Shea Soul….and now, El Professitorio Elemento. Im pretty sure Im being groomed to be knighted.

All hyperbole aside, PE is a well accomplished artist overseas…his resume reads of work with some of the worlds most acclaimed hip hop artists , workshops for children, and various performance pieces outside of hiphop. Basically, a whole buncha hype sh*t.  He does both comedic-character, and “real-rap” raps. Both….mother…freakin…incredible. So, when he asked me to collaborate on a project, you know my answer was an emphatic, “Yahmo be there.” Professor Elemental & Haji P. …way cooler than William and  Kate.

Im on a world tour, with Professor my man, going each and every place with a mic in my hand. Except Libya. Sh*t is not poppin’ in Libya right now.



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  1. HH Says:

    Absolutely awesome. You headin’ over there or doing it all by internets?

  2. SpottieOttieDarlin Says:

    So whatchu sayin is… “Aint no love in the heart of the city”

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