im makin’ bookstore money, ayyyy!

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When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in detention and being on punishment. Needless to say, the two kinda go hand in hand. Anyway, as with any disenfranchised member of society, my time spent in incarceration led me to discover a penchant for writing. I couldn’t remember how many stories I’ve written total, but some of the more famed titles include: The One Black Hunchback, My Name is Stupid, and Adams Apology to Jesus (a story told from Adams perspective, in letter form, explaining how Eve forced him to eat the apple, and as punishment, Jesus should make women bare children in the most painful way possible).  However, no work more successful than a self-help book I wrote in the seventh grade called, The Things We Do: My Guide to Making Your Life Better. It was roughly 20 pages of hand written/hand drawn literary gold. I made copies and sold it for $1 to all my moms friends, all the faculty and staff at my school, my soccer coaches and anybody I thought had a dollar to spend. I was beyond certain that book would make it into book stores the world over. Well…it didn’t. But my freakin’ bummy anus rap album did! Neighborhood Kid, now available at Barnes & Nobles Bookstores!

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no time outs.

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Man, this year has been pretty busy for Rec League. In December, we dropped Season 2. In January, Richie Cunning dropped Night Train. In February, I released Neighborhood Kid…and this month, Qm submitted his solo album,  Happy Hour. And thats to say nothing of the albums previously (and futuristically) put out by Grip Grand, Proe and Rob Rush. Gee wiz. What to do now? What to do…what…to…do?  All these great albums, and a live performance that ranks slightly below Michael Jacksons in Motown 25. Hmmm…what to do, what to do? I suppose we’d be some real cads if we didn’t share this miracle with the world, huh? Yeah. You’re probably right. But, the world is kinda big, so we’ll just keep it on the west coast for right now.

No Time Outs!

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south carolina eats the chicken!

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US Senate SC

Dear Big Baby Jesus, why’d you let South Carolina do this?

Initially, I wanted to write this post a week ago after watching his interview with Don Lemon on CNN, but unfortunately, was continually sidetracked. Anyhow, this is Alvin Greene. Winner of the Democratic Primary for US Senate. Alleged Republican Plant. Involuntarily discharged Army vet. Resident of his daddy’s basement…unemployed, and all around broke a** mofo! Now,  before I continue, let it be understood that A.) I dont usually do political commentary (I tend to keep those thoughts to myself) and B.) Absolutely NOTHING makes me happier than to see my people achieve high merits. But, got damn South Carolina! Why!?! I’ve watched ALL of Mr. Greene’s interviews, and he’s yet to demonstrate the smarts and eloquence (or at bare minimum,  bullsh*t-artistry) that would make him fit to be a guest speaker at an elementary school for dyslexic slave children…and y’all gon let him represent you in the US Senate? Word!? Good Grief. I know Vic Rawl (former democratic state rep) is somewhere in a big beautiful white house, on a floral confederate plantation, reminiscing on his past 4 terms…and bathing in a tub of  ”WTF’S?!?!”

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aquaman says no!

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Pacific Grove, California (PNN)– As shifting weather patterns threaten to push more oil towards the shores of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, efforts to cease the irresponsibly shed oil have become increasingly more desperate. It would almost seem as though BP has exhausted every practical idea conjured within its creative think tank–each as unsuccessful as the next. After the failure of the Diamond Saw (only cutting midway through the pipe before getting stuck), they’ve begun to backtrack to previous  stratagem (giant sheers). Which, while producing a deeper incision in the pipeline, still provided equally useless results.

A recent press conference with BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, shows the chief executive grievously crying out for the assistance of an unassuming California  resident, Arthur Curry…or as most of us would recognize him, Aquaman.

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