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big in japan

Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan, a young samurai hang dries his most coveted possession…a haji p “neighbor” t-shirt.

The photo was taken by Jacob Burge , while on a photography venture in Godzilla-town…and its pretty freakin hype.

american apparel.

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The two things I admire most about this video: 1.) The prominence of workmanship. 2.) Commitment to country.

“There will be people that want to do this kind of work; provided this kind of work is here for people to do…”

The Fold…know about it.

never left.

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brown co.

Brown Co.- Never Left

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Here’s a gift not to be scoffed at. The first Brown Co. song recorded in over two years, produced by LO (for L’Orange Productions). Featured on the album, Eternal.

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some good a** food!

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In  a recent interview for Maxim’s “Sexiest Rapping Muppet Enthusiasts” issue (or Wilmington Star News…one of the two) I was quoted as saying, “The food here [California] sucks.” This, coupled with several billion other such daggering comments in regards to Santa Cruz’s passionless cultural cuisine has stirred quite the uproar within the towns denizens. I’ve become the subject of much discontent amongst the locals, who are proud of the sandalwood grass-root sandwiches and sweetless teas they seemingly enjoy during their lunch breaks and intermitted acts of hippiness. Well, in an attempt to avoid further persecution, I’d like to extend an olive branch and a good, firm…GET A GRIP! Look Santa Cruz, California, and confused culinary consumers the world over, I dont care how florid and picturesque the plate looks, save that crap for your third grade coloring contest! That junk taste like olive oil and air.  I need some food with some love on it. I need to be able to taste the sweat from a bountifully breasted black woman, who got two jobs and fourty-six grandkids, a house in South Carolina where dont nobody live except some dirty a** stray dogs and a former preacher turned alcoholic, a bathtub full of epsom salt and a cornbread recipe that’ll send Jesus himself to the Piggly Wiggly to shop for the paper plates to serve it on. If not, at least a restaurant where two-thirds of the menu is cooked in some type of animal fat. With that said, here’s a photo-journal of my favorite places to eat. (Taken during my trip to Wilmington, NC)

(Fun Fact: The picture of the BoJangles meal is merely a stock photo I found on the internet. When I did finally make it to BoJangles and received my order, I was so romantically engaged in the meal I had forgotten to capture the moment on camera.)

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marios closet.

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This is actually pretty motherfreakin’ dope. Its a t-shirt design by artist Glen Brogan. However,  I dont think there’s enough big booty princesses in the Mushroom Kingdom that could convince me to wear it. I think, primarily, because it looks like an item that has the unfortunate destiny of decorating the sale racks at Hot Topic. That place has a way of  fang-bangin’ the cultural antiquity out of things I thought were generally cool as a kid.  I’d really hate to see that happen to such a dope piece of art.  I’d definitely cop a print of this tho. As a matter of fact, I think I’s bouta go do some innanet searchin’ and see’s if’n I cant do just that.  Peace!

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was that racist?

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…another day, another tale of  uncertain discrimination and cunningly veiled anti-niggerness.

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