shea soul

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You know her, right? C’mon, think about it. Yeah you do. Hmmm? Still nothing, huh? What a shame. I’ll give you a hint. She sang on my album…on a song about slavery…or, as it were, escaping slavery.

Not that being on my album is any credible mark of success, but, assuming you frequent my innanet amusings and recollect any of my works with Fatman & Tropical, at least you would recognize her name and voice. I mean, how do you allow yourself to be unfamiliar with such a high quality of paralyzing vocal talent? Still no, huh? *sigh* Either way, this is Shea Soul. She’s from Croydon (United Kingdom). She can sing…and she hella fine.

Get to know her. Shea Soul

Then go buy my album ( mainly so you can hear how she made it better.)

they said i was “pure genius.”

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The following is a review of Neighborhood Kid, stolen from I wont front…I thought it was kinda good…

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