sweet tianna biscuit.

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sweet tea anna biscuit

For most people, the noon hour signifies a joyous deliverance from the days  jack-hammering  vapidity. From the kids in school, to the energetically barren droves of adults in the workforce…even the homeless man down the street cant wait til the sundial on his refrigerator box says “Hey, homeless nigga! Its noon o’clock!“  The sun is out, birds be sangin’ …and you can leave whatever monotonous activity you were previously engaged in to go get some happy food. But not me. Nope. No happy food for Lil Neighborhood P.  My lunch break is a perpetual sixty minutes of suck. Easily, it could be the opposite. All I ask is for  sweet tea and a biscuit. But all this town offers me is organic tree scrotum and tortilla plates.  So, instead of lunch today, I decided to write a poem. Dedicated to my lost lover. Because you truly never know what you got til its gone. This ones for you,  Sweet Tianna Biscuit


Sweet Tianna Biscuit,  your warm buttery, Icey sugarness  completes me. You make my heart sing a third grader song.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, you’re like a muppet show for my mouth. I want to hold you like a baby Pegasus, and  take you to the prom.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, sometimes you make people fat, and thats okay.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit,  you’re totally worth the diabetes anyday.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, oh the things you do to me. Lust, ecstasy, passion.  After a long day, I can hardly wait for a buttery hand and good tea baggin’.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, people in England are stupid. They call you “Earl Grey” and confuse you with Cookie, but you aint no got damn cookie, you’re a biscuit!

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, whether accompanied by sausage, chicken,  or sausage-chicken, I want you to know, our paths shall cross again.

Sweet Tianna Biscuit, I miss you…and you’ll always be my favorite friend.


Neighborhood P*

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