was that racist?

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confused black woman

First of all, allow me to extend my apologies. With the coming of my new album, I realize the greater portion of my posts have been rap-related.  New song this, download that… I assumed as a reader, you would also be interested in the awesome music I make. I shouldve considered your feelings. Instead,  I was entirely too preoccupied with reminding you that , NEIGHBORHOOD KID COMES OUT FEB 23RD!  PLEASE BUY IT AND VALIDATE MY TALENT AS A MUSICAL ARTIST…ahem…anyhow, Im sorry.

With that said, I’ve decided to introduce a new segment to this site. I know, in many occurrences, I’m more often than not, readily eager to point out the bigotry in people.  Mostly white people. Its kinda like playing “I Spy.” And, I totally understand, there’s a “you people” in office now, and we’re a post-racial society…but,  for whatever  inexplicable reason, I just always feel like every white person still got a little Rosewood in’em.  Except for John Mayer. John Mayer is tight! But, let it not be said that Haji P is so ig’nant that he cant give people the benefit of the doubt. That’s where you come in. From now on, when I think somebody is trying to tell me “these is whites only pies,”  I’m just gonna smile, write it down and let you decide…was that racist?

for example…

Last weekend, me and a friend of mine (of the caucazoid type) went to a bar in SF.  We stepped outside to the patio, where the scenery was clad with pirate guidon’s. We met a man and his dog, the man was also of the caucazoid type…the dog, was of the mangy variety.  If I had to guess, the man was probably in his early fifties…but years of alcohol gave him the dampening presence of a gentleman in his late thousands.

For the most part, he was pretty amicable about explaining the meaning behind the symbols on the flags…and something about how Barry Bonds and Pinoccio laying on a rubber headstone had some type of broodingly deep meaning ( he couldnt decipher what… but he was very adamant about it). Mid-conversation he looks at his dog, who was playing in the plants, and shouts for it to stop. Then, after scolding the dog, he gives it a lamenting stare , sighs and says….”f*cking ni**er.”

Now, I ask you…was that racist?

I mean, its not like he called me the N-word (nigga…with a hard “r”). He was addressing the dog. That makes it okay, right? Or…should I just add him to the list of  deer hunters, people that wear Hollister and waitresses who assume I’ll be having the chicken plate (of whom I think are all racist)? You tell me…I’d hate to lose a potential friend because he would never want a scooby doo to date his daughter.

Thanks a bunch!


Conspiracy Brotha P.

17 Responses to “was that racist?”

  1. Erica Spicer Says:

    WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This man is racist & a whole lot of other things SMDH . I did’nt know they got down like that in cali . You coulda stayed in NC for that !

  2. Mallz Says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say yep. It’s rare when you get YT to be so bold as to say it in front of one of us. However, when there’s more of them than there is of us they tend to be on the ballsy side.

  3. hajipaji Says:

    Well, it was just me, my homie…and him and his dog. He really didnt have anything to prove. Maybe his dogs name was “Trigger” and he just forgot.

  4. Big Pat Says:

    P thats most definetly racist man! he did forget.. you were standing there! sorry man

  5. HH Says:

    Dude’s a racist. But the 1000 year old man’s racistness might have been made more clear if you reacted with a, “You see any other niggers ’round here, nigga?” Or perhaps, “He get’s it from his father”.

  6. BrokN_RecorD Says:

    Hell yes, this was racist and you should have checked his ass on it, period.

  7. L'O Says:

    Yeah… thats some bullshit. Maybe he was raised with the word referring to something negative (post-racism-ignorance)? Naw. Screw that. Definitely call that dude out.

  8. DundeezNutz Says:

    My favorite game…Yeah, he was trying to be slick. I had a dude call his white homeboy “fucking nigger” immediately after eyeballing me, presumably for walking with some “white chocolate”. He wanted to spit it out immediately upon seeing you. On the other hand, the dog was being a nigger.

  9. AB Says:

    Dundee wins.

  10. hajipaji Says:

    what you dont know, is dundee holds several olympic gold medals in “Was That Racist?”

  11. Coralyn Says:

    QQwOpf Wow! Great idea! JJWY

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  14. Karoline Szitar Says:

    I’d have to clinch the deal with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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