mouth fulla gold

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haji p- mouth fulla gold

Haji P – Mouth Fulla Gold

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You know how some rappers just be writin’ raps? Y’know…just chilling in the room, lab, or whatever respective confines of their choosing for conjuring enlightened lyrical stimulation? Well, this song was an exercise in that. Me, just writin’ some raps. Only, instead of all that enlightenment bull crap, I decided to go with some witty lines and hearty spoon full of good ol’ fashion ig’nance. The end result was a song, an ode to southern rap (if you will), that people who frequent my live showings tend to enjoy. Produced by DJ MF Shalem, I present to you, the newest addition to Home Repair, “Mouth Fulla Gold.” Bling!


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You may recognize this weeks installment of Home Repair as the opening sequence to the widely unpopular web series, “So Freakin Regular.”  A series in which, similar to the song itself, is a painfully mundane walk through a plain grass field of normalcy.  *Yawn*. Generic? Ordinary? Common? Yup. I was blessed with the coveted fortune to be all of the above. Who’s got time to be socially relevant, and worldly idolized when there’s bills to pay and dogs to walk? Not me. This dinner aint gon microwave itself. So, with that, I present to you my newest release, “Regular.” Produced and cut by DJ MF Shalem. And if you cant get down with it…you’re just way too special for me. Which I think is awesome. You should go get yourself a pedicure, tough guy!


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Id be a thousand times more likely to enjoy an NBA game if the players were all puppets. Im not exactly sure what that says about me….but, anyway, for obvious reasons…this is my favorite commercial series to date. I love this game.

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get it.

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Get It- Home Repair

Get It

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I know, I know, I was supposed to have this available on Monday. Well, dont be such a jerk…geez. Sometimes people make mistakes. But honestly,  arent you so much more elated that I’ve appropriately equipped your insatiable appetite for song before the weekend? Of course you are! Now, when youre the grinder or grindee of some random tail at the club, you’ll think of me. And after all, thats the real reason I make music.

This weeks installment of Home Repair is an energetic tune that’s sure to get your toes-a-tappin. I mean, for real son…titties are coming out the shirt when you play this jammy. “Get It“, produced by DJ MF Shalem.

*titties are not guaranteed to come out of any shirts when you play this song.

talkboy tv presents…

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For so many reasons Im proud to have the friends I have. Primarily, cause I think they do way cooler stuff than anybody else’s friends. Not that I think your friends are any less enjoyable. Im sure theyre a delightful bunch. Who knows, maybe one day you and your friends and me and my friends can go out and play a game of tetherball and afterwards,  share a cake. But, until that happens…..look what my friends can do!

J- Frost “Shake it” w/ Stranger Day “Cristo Disco Ball”

Directed by Mike Mann for Talkboy TV

featuring cameos from: Lord Walrus, DJ Complete , and Johnny Nipper aka “Holla Dolla Bill.”