people’s court

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People’s Court

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Here it is, for your audible consumption…the first installment of a project I call, “Home Repair,” the worlds first do-it-yourself Haji P. album. An album in which you, the highly motivated and self sufficient listener, will be given all the tools necessary to comprise your own compilation of  my crooning. Until the release date of my full length LP, Neighborhood Kid, every other Monday  I will provide a new, exclusive, and/or previously unreleased song. If you build your home properly, you’ll have two discs worth of fun-filled lyrical adventure. However, if you fail to properly construct your home…you lose. Dont be a loser.

People’s Court, produced by DJ MF Shalem. Its a rap about rap…and youre gonna love it.

6 Responses to “people’s court”

  1. Rob Rush Says:

    this song really makes me want to make rap music.

  2. Lexine Says:

    86rfEw That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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