steppin’ outside.

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Stepping Outside

download here

This is not a new song  by any means. I  had to go diggin in the crates (…err, diggin in the files, as it were) to get this jammy. Actually, its not even that old…we made it 2007 . Which seems like a long time ago…but I guess that information is highly irrelevant…or boring. Whatever. Dont be a dick. I like this song.  Point is, before I start letting loose on some of the new music Shalem and I put together, I felt the need to dust this 0ff and put it back on the mantle for display. Here it is for your enjoyment (or berating criticism), a song from a project swiftly concocted by me and Stranger Day. “Stepping Outside” produced by DJ Battle. (Oh my gawd.)

Stay tuned. Next Monday I’ll be releasing the first installment from Home Repair , me and Shalem’s “Do It Yourself” downloadable mixtape.

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