good grief.

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Good Grief

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Well, here it is boys and girls…the pioneering ditty from an album thats been years in the making. I’ll spare you the unnecessarily tiresome write-up, and allow you time to enjoy the song. Rest assured, there will be a lengthy and self-glorifying exposition soon to follow. But for now, just immerse yourself in the rhythmically euphoric sounds of my voice. “Good Grief” Produced by DJ MF Shalem. The song is yours now. Enjoy.

…and thank you.

22 Responses to “good grief.”

  1. jayka Says:

    perfect for a monday afternoon

  2. The Mixtape Monster Says:

    Agree with jayka. This is ill!

  3. mfshalem Says:

    This song is really good. I mean really really good. seriously.

  4. Bluelight Mike Says:


  5. addamantium the plumber Says:

    wow… good to be true..MR.P…u smashin ..james bond shit…WOW..

  6. Erica Spicer Says:

    GO HAJI !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DOC VERBZ Says:

    feel good music. John’s house! ha ha ( Freddie to Kimberly- I like that line)

  8. Kelz Says:

    Son that’s a motherfreakin feel good vibe. trips to carowinds yes sir

  9. Daawud Says:

    feelimg that and im 46 years old 28 years of hip hop

  10. Aaron Says:

    Yo, P, this is really good. looking forward to the album.

  11. Cheech Says:

    Man’o, Man… That is refreshing, brought me back to 91 when hip hop was live. I’m trying to place the sample, but can’t for some reason… Help me out!?

  12. JPeso Says:

    I see you, P. Keep on that grind.

  13. hajipaji Says:

    i super appreciate all the kind words. thanks. now…dont be stingy….tell your friends. let them get up in this lovin too! peace.

  14. Analyst Says:

    This is Great Nephew…You have done well, I’m so pleased when I see my Family use their God Given Talents…Luv U Much.. God Bless
    Auntie B. In TN.

  15. Analyst Says:

    Great Song Too..I am spreading the Word

  16. Em Dub Says:

    Hella dope, glad I found this. Posted it up @, hit me with any new stuff you put out and I’ll post it.

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  18. Lorenzo Janz Says:

    I’d be inclined to make a deal with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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  20. Says:

    Good grief.. Neat :)

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