ten for tue: barbed & bude.

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Aight,  so Im  reading through various news stories on CNN’s website when I come across a headline that reads, “Rihanna is ‘Rated R’ for new album cover.” Automatically Im thinking, “Word! Rihanna boob! So naturally, as any inquisitive young male would, I hurried to click the appropriate link.  What followed was a not-so-rated R cover, and a story on her new single. No boob.  Boooring!

I didnt think much of it, but apparently, other  readers did. They hella did! I was only a slight miffed about the lack of mammary, these mofo’s was hatin’ her life! Thus bringing me to my “Tuesday Ten List.”  There were roughly a billion or so comments. These were my favorite:

1. Cat: No wonder she hangs out with men who beat her up. Based on that picture she has obviously very low self esteem.

*This was the first comment, it pretty much sparked off this jammy! Good job, cat!

2. Be the Change: Actually I would say she has a lot of self esteem. I for one, would not have the guts to pose like that.
You go girl!

my favorite part was the “you go girl!”

3. Annoyed: I would bet that most of the people who think the photo is nice are likely immature, ghetto trash who lack any moral guidance in their lives. And please spare us the tired ebonic cliches, (e.g. “Don’t hate”, “You go girl.”)

haha, take that, “Be the Change!”

4. Dianne: Seriously? “No wonder she hangs out with men who beat her up”…Seriously?! You’re going to walk down that road? Based on a picture? Uh….Judgemental much, cat??

I think “Dianne” is really “Six” from Blossom.

5. Andrew: Damn she looks hot. Wonder if that barbed wire hurts…or feels good in a Chris Brown kinda way


6. Disappointed: I am appalled to see the album cover of Rihanna’s latest CD after the ordeal she went through with Chris Brown. Why would she feel she would have to represent herself in such a degrading manner? She should feel confident that her voice could sell many albums. The cover is very unprofessional! I thought Rihanna would have had more class. Shame, shame, shame on her for her inability to portray herself as a classy entertainer.

Its the “shame, shame, shame” that really gets ya.

7. Dan R: Shes hot. But she’s no Esther Rolle.

8. Shirl: Budity sells, but where is the SELF RESPECT?

Im pretty sure she meant to say “nudity,” but “budity” is waaay more funny, haha! Way to go Shirl!”

9. Alex Winter: Getting wrapped in barbed wire hurts like hell. Dat girl be craaaazy! 

I hope this is the Alex Winter from “Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure.”

10. Cornelius: … We display Jesus in on the bloody mess he was in when he died on the cross, but cat stand it when we watch how he got that way in Passion of the Christ. Let me take a trip to the Guggenheim and see naked photos and torture, but this we just decry…wow… just goes to show cant please everyone all the time.


If this is what happens when you pose half bude, with barbed wire on your skin-milkers for an album…Im doin’ it!

for original story, and more commentary, go here.

15 Responses to “ten for tue: barbed & bude.”

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  2. Analyst Says:

    The Barbed wire is not real!, She did the CNN to promote this Album(in my opinion), and She say’s “F” love in front of Millions. She do not have low/no self Esteem (look at her face in the pic, she looks like a dominatrix). O.k. She got Tagged By C.Brown, and that’s not a Good thing for Chris’s Image, and he Did apologized, sought and is receiving “Anger Mgmt” Help. BUT,THE UNASKED QUESTION IS, WHAT DID SHE DO TO PROVOKE HIM?!!!!

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