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Im pretty sure when Tame (One)and Del (thefunkeehomosapien) made this, they were thinking, “Yo…rap!” And subsequently, whoever decided to film this video thought, “Word…rap!” Cause  sho’nuff, when I first saw this, I was like, “Damn…rap!” I really like rap. I really like this video.  Not so much because the two are exhibiting any extreme levels of lyrical prowess, but more so because it feels like rap. And as previously stated, I really like rap.

5 Responses to “flashback”

  1. Rob Rush Says:

    it’s all about Tame One’s last verse……

  2. hajipaji Says:

    tame one runs this song….del is just there for added effect.

  3. Wise37 Says:

    Was pretty amped for this album. Do you end up hearing it? They balanced each other pretty well I thought.

    Tame has mad potential to still do work comparable to his early stuff…hope he gets there.

  4. Reuben Youn Says:

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  5. MP3VA Says:

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