neighborhood kid.

Posted by hajipaji


“Yo, my album is ’bout to drop, son!” Heard that before? Yup…cause I said it before. At least a bajillion times. But this time its for real. For real for real, no play play. Neighborhood Kid has officially been scheduled for public delivery on February 23rd, 2010 (You may use this time to cheer and applaud). Huzzah!

But Haji P, aint you gon drop a hot single?

I’m glad you asked that question. The answer is this…

Monday, November 2nd…I’ll be releasing the first single from the album, “Good Grief.” I imagine you’ll like it.  Its one of those “feel good/ about the author” songs people seem to enjoy.  But if that aint your thing, it can also be one of those “Hyper aggressive, slap a cracka while sippin’ ciroc and lean, super lyrical,  get dat money, hipster jams”….that also has a nice dance to it. Whatever floats your goldfish.

Either way, you’ll be able to download directly from Pajamatown. And since you’ve all cooperated so favorably,  I’ve decided to surrender one new and exclusive jammy (not from the album) every other Monday for your downloadable delight.

*oh, by the way, “Pajamatown” is exactly where you are now. I just wanted to say something more clever than “my website.” My apologies if I failed miserably.

Haji P & DJ MF Shalem are moving in…

Feb 23rd 2010. Neighborhood Kid.


11 Responses to “neighborhood kid.”

  1. dasea Says:

    when & where can i pre-order it and how much ..

  2. hajipaji Says:

    i’ll keep you in the know, as soon as its ready. son!

  3. Carley Says:

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