should i be offended?

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Aight, so peep..

I goes to the post office earlier today, just a few minutes ago to be exact. Returning to the computer on my office desk, sans delay, with the intent of releasing this two pounds of pressure offa my exiguously bearded chest.

I was mailing off an episode of locally produced talk show, Teen Talk, to the birther of my birth. Why? It was an episode in which I was being interviewed, and moms demanded that she see it. She loves to brag about her son, and I loved to be bragged about…thats called synergy. Anyhow, it was only a single DVD packaged in a slim jewel case, which I then put in a padded envelope for mailing.

I waited a good twenty seven minutes in line before I was called to the counter by a lady named, (*sucks teeth, rolls eyes*) …Stank A** Jeanne. Ugh.

Stank A** Jeanne (*sucks teeth, rolls eyes*) was an elderly white lady, of about 2,305,022 years old. Rocking the same haircut as Sisco in “The Thong Song” video, and the style of bifocals you would imagine a woman who knitted oven mitts for cats would wear. To her credit tho, she was a pretty foxy old lady. If she wasnt such a dick, we could’ve been friends…or maybe even dated.

I inquired which method of shipment would allow the parcel to reach moms crib at the most expedient rate. She then asked what was I mailing. I didnt feel the need to be specific, so I responded , ” Its just a CD.” To which she replied, “…figures.”



I kept it cool tho. Feeling the need to defend myself, I politely said, “Oh, silly me. Its not actually an audio CD, containing the syncopation of rythm and words that is most often the music synonymous with the urban youth of African America…it’s merely a DVD for my mother!

Stank A** Jeanne just gon’ look at me and smile. Sort of. It was more of a smirk. One of those, “How adooorable, where did you learn to put together sentences like that?” type of smirks.

*sucks teeth, rolls eyes.*

Ugh. Then, Stank A** Jeanne concludes the transaction, hands me the receipt of purchase and says…

“Im sure your mother will love your rap video!”


*sucks teeth, rolls eyes*

…aint that a bee?

The illy thing is…I am a rapper.  Any other time, I probably wouldve been sending CD’s. Ha!

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    fat almanac you’ve secure

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