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People ask me all the time, “Yo, Haji P, as one of todays greatest entertainers, what was life like for you as a child? Were you always bedazzling countries all over the world with your extraordinary performance abilities? Or were you just the bashfully quiet heartthrob that a young Rudy Huxtable used to swoon over?”  Well, I was a little of both…but as you can plainly see in this video…I was often in high demand to  portray the young Michael Jackson.

Not really, but my homegirl Erica (of Strawberry Strands Salon, Wilmington NC) is thoroughly convinced that me and homeboy look a like. I’ll take that. This was my favorite part in Michael Jacksons Moonwalker (next to the Speed Demon rabbit Scene). I was the same age when this came out. I was hyped cause it was a “Bad” that I could relate to. It was like MJ said, “Here, Haji P! You can be bad too, even though you still have Scooby Doo’s on your underwear.”

The kid in this video is actually Brandon Adams. He starred as “the black kid” in Moonwalker. You’ll be happy to know that this role launched Brandons career to astronimical heights, as he also starred as the black kid in other blockbuster cinemas, such as: The Mighty Ducks, People Under the Stairs, and The Sandlot

Fun Fact:  You know who else is in this video? Nikki Cox and the r&b group “The Boys.” Yeah, The Boys! Remember them? Of course you do.

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  1. Wise37 Says:

    Wanted to be Brandon Adams pretty bad as a kid due to this.

    Side Note: Come Together & Badder tie for second for me as greatest scenes in Moonwalker.

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