the fresh prints

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Fun Fact: I actually wrote this on the plane, whilst seated betwixt a portly pair of women, during my move to California. You may be asking yourself, ” Haji P., wasnt that well over a year ago?”  Well, Im glad you asked that question. The answer is as simple as this…yes.  Unfortunately thats how rap works sometimes. It can be a real boner killer, I know.  Ive  been told that within recent times, another rapper may have also released a song similar. I make no claims to having any knowledge of that. Though Im sure it was amazing.  Anyhow,  this track will be featured on the upcoming Rec League compilation, “Season 2″ 

 Hear it here first!  But, only if you promise to cop Season 2.  You promise? Okay. Cool!

The Fresh Prints


*DJ MF Shalem on the cuts & crayola.

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