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Uh-oh! Looks like somebodys getting some pretty new school clothes?

“Gee, Haji P, who is it? Who is it, huh?”

Well, apparently,  its Monkey Junk . My first solo release with United Kingdom producers, Fatman & Tropical is  being remixed. I can only assume its  due to the fact that the album has reached a global popularity only matched by The Beatles, or the McRib.  Either way, I was just informed by my enchanted  interweb mailbox this morning that my cross-world collaborative audible tell-tales will be receiving a new buff, wax, and spit-shine…potentially available before our next release, Wooden Boy. 

The boys from over the pond are back at it again. Check out the first installation:

“The Happs”

brown co x santa cruz

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Thursday, July 30th, 2009…where were you? Its cool…take your time. Think about it. What were you doing?

Whats that? Did you say you were at The Motiv Lounge, downtown Santa Cruz, gazing upon what many consider to be the most meritorious performance of classic rhythmic speech this land has ever been privy to? Good Job! Way to go, guy (0r girl..whatever)! Not only does Brown Co. thank you, but, there’s a special somebody upstairs looking down at you and smiling just a little bit brighter. You’re a real winner!

If you didnt go…well, Im sure living with yourself is probably punishment enough. But, here’s a fun-sized photographic adventure of how the night went down:

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