Kooley High: “Kooley is High”

Posted by hajipaji

Kooley High – Kooley is High (prod. by DeLa) from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

Lets be honest, rappers are pretty dang good at hating on other rappers. Its kind of what we do best. Its the way Jesus made us. Nevertheless…you cant front on good music. I mean, you could, but then you’d just be a dick! Anyhow, I say that to say this…Kooley High is dope, and if you dont think so, youre an idiot. Check out this video from my North Carolina friends & fam. The only thing I dont like about this is Charlie Smarts rocking that  Crowlife hat ( The Loots )before I had the chance to make it famous!

To download the Kooley is High mixtape, go here.

Check out Inflowential while youre at it.


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